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Andrea Mezvinsky

Actress & Comedian


Here’s the thing,


I've had about a dozen jobs. I've been a magician’s assistant, an off-Broadway actress, stand-up comedienne, writer, content creator, producer, real estate broker and an aerobics teacher.


My grandma, a Russian Jewish woman whose family immigrated to Iowa where ‘cows outnumber Jews’, supported me when I came to her crying about an old boyfriend. “Baby,” she said, “the past is like your ass, it’s behind you”.


At that moment, I stopped taking myself so seriously and started my path towards embracing life's humor and magic. And throughout my varied careers, making people laugh and freeing them to step outside of their boxes has always been my thing.


As a graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse, I studied under Sanford Meisner and built my theatrical career in regional theater, indie films and off- Broadway. I was crowned ‘America’s Funniest Mom’ by Oprah Winfrey who inspired me to create and tour with my first comedy theme show “Comics with Kids”.


My solo show “Sawed in Half” premiered to rave reviews in Los Angeles and won the award for best comedy at the NOHO fringe festival.


I am currently launching my TV pilot, "Andrea's Listings" about the unlikely rise of a Manhattan realtor, whose crazy clientele make her own crazy life seem almost normal, based on my life as a real estate broker in Manhattan.


“Mezvinsky’s portrayal of Every- woman defies belief with her full throttle turn-on-a-dime performance. She flips into multiple characters with the ease some wish we had with out TV remote, Take that, Frieda Kahlo!” 

- The Tolucan Times

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